PUCL Job#1295 Tech Asst I (Flow Core) Whitehead Institute (Feb 11, 2021)

Technical Assistant I, Core (Flow Cytometry Core Facility)



Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research is a leading, nonprofit research and educational institution that has defined the cutting edge of biomedical science, creating a legacy of research excellence and academic eminence since 1982. Wholly independent in its governance, finances and research programs, Whitehead shares a teaching affiliation with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), offering the intellectual, collegial and scientific benefits of a leading research university. Whitehead's Faculty Members and Fellows run pioneering programs in cell biology, cancer research, immunology, developmental biology, stem cell research, regenerative medicine, genetics and genomics--programs with a record of success.


We offer excellent benefits including a choice of health insurance options; a generous retirement plan; comprehensive dental, disability and life insurance coverage; competitive salary, substantial vacation and holiday time; and programs for tuition reimbursement, dependent care assistance, pre-tax spending accounts, and subsidized public transportation or parking.


Whitehead Institute is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Classification: Exempt; Administrative Staff

Reports To: Flow Cytometry Core Facility Manager




The primary duty of the FACS Technician of the BSL2 core cytometry facility is to provide high quality flow cytometry service and support to the Whitehead Institute investigators and Boston research community. The FACS Technician will develop and maintain a high level of proficiency on the BD FACSAria SORPs and the SONY SH800 in order to perform quality high speed cell sorting. Additional duties include but are not limited to development of proficiency on core facility benchtop cytometers: the BD LSRII SORP, BD LSRFortessa SORP with HTS, and BD FACSCanto with HTS. Other duties will be performed as scheduled or needed. All duties will be performed in accordance with the Whitehead Institute’s behavioral standards, safety standards, and mission.





High Speed Cell Sorters- BD FACSAria SORPs and SONY SH800


  • Perform high quality, High Speed Cell Sorting for researchers
  • Perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, including data backup as maintenance
  • Perform daily quality control and monitor instrument performance
  • Troubleshoot sorter and associated software and peripherals
  • Contact and interact with vendor service and FACSAria and SONY SH800 field service engineers as needed
  • Log sorter and related software and peripheral problems and report to core staff
  • Enter Aria and SONY SH800 usage into database




Benchtop Cytometers- BD LSR II SORP, BD FACSCanto-HTS, BD LSRFortessa-HTS


  • Develop and maintain proficiency with all benchtop cytometers and associated software and peripherals
  • Perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, including data backup
  • Perform quality control and monitor instrument performance
  • Troubleshoot benchtop cytometers and associated software and peripherals.
  • Contact and interact with vendor service and FACS benchtop cytometer field service engineers as needed
  • Log benchtop cytometer and related software and peripheral problems and report to core staff



  • Provide high quality service to researchers
  • Work closely with researchers and Whitehead Institute staff to maintain good relationships
  • Orient new users to the lab
  • Assist researchers with their scheduling needs
  • Advise researchers on basic requirements for high-speed cell sorting and acquisition of data on benchtop cytometers



•                Maintain sort appointment waiting list

•                Log lateness and failure to cancel appointments

•                Approve sort appointments in Calendar system

•                Notify researchers of unscheduled instrument downtime

•                Assist with writing protocols and other writing as needed

•                Assist with ordering of supplies and billing as needed



  • Prepare reagents as needed
  • Autoclave as needed
  • Assist with inventory and stocking of laboratory supplies
  • Maintain all work areas



  • Attend a minimum of one flow cytometry workshop, seminar, vendor show, or core lab visit per year
  • Attend a Whitehead Institute retreat
  • Become familiar with flow cytometry journals, associations, and resources
  • Assist with demos and tours as needed
  • Audit training sessions and provide feedback





  • B.S. degree in biological or physical sciences required
  • 1+ years of flow cytometry experience.
  • Ability to work Monday – Friday, 8a – 430p.
  • Must be able to work well with minimal supervision and with researchers, engineers, and institute staff in a service- oriented environment
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Strong organizational and communication skills



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