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From the Purdue Cytometry CDROM series, Vol 1

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Cytometry CDROM 1

These images were published in 1995 as part of our first CDrom. We leave them here as a historical record of the state of art in 1995. The CDrom published in April 1996 was we believe the very first CDROM ever published using HTML code. There are 10 companies on this CD who sponsored it and amazingly NONE of them had websites at the time. We created all the website for these companies and put them on the CDROM.


NOTE: Conditions of use of these images: You may use these photos in ANY WAY YOU WANT - BUT you cannot sell them, or transfer the copyright to any publisher. If you wish to publish any image from this catalog, you may do so, by referring this paragraph to the publisher. No royalty is required unless the image is being used for promotion of commercial materials. Books, journals, and computer presentations are all permissible uses for these images.

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